Allanwater Bridge Lodge, Canada fishing lodge

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Allanwater bridge lodge dock

Where is Allanwater Bridge Lodge?

AWB is located about 25 miles east of Savant Lake, in Northwestern Ontario. We’re on the western borders of two of Ontario’s premiere provincial parks- surrounded by old growth forests, structure filled lakes and exceptional scenery. The Allanwater fishery is made up of many lakes and rivers and is about seventeen miles long and four miles wide. Two rivers, the Brightsands and the Allanwater River supply the Allanwater fishery and flow into our two lakes, Lake Kawaweogama and McKewan Lake. AWB is located at the confluence of these 2 fabulous river systems. The Allanwater River starts about 15 miles south of the camp and has its headwaters in Lake Seseganaga, which is about 15 miles wide and 20 miles long. The Brightsand river is an Ontario treasure and preserved as a provincial waterway Park.