Allanwater Bridge Lodge, Canada fishing lodge

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ontario fly in fishing camp

Ontario Fly-in or Train-In Fishing Camp

Lets face it. Most Canadian fly-in camps offer pretty good fishing - but sometimes it's hit and miss. Sometimes you score big and really have an exceptional fishing experience. Sometimes you're not so lucky. AWB takes the guess work out of picking a destination. We are different.

Allanwater Bridge Lodge great family fishing

Nestled at the confluence of two major river systems, the Allanwater & the Brightsands Rivers, Allanwater Bridge Lodge offers veteran and novice alike lake river current fishing opportunities for trophy Walleye and northern Pike beyond compare.

We're different because we're located at the confluence of two incredible rivers - the Brightsands and Allanwater. These two rivers herd the fish into predictable staging locations and offer unlimited food for our hungry walleyes, which makes for a very enjoyable day of fishing- even if the barometer has bottomed out and the bite is light. If you decide to explore the numerous lake fishing opportunities, you will find countless reefs and eskers that commonly hold 30+ inch hogs. The myriad of streams and eddies hold Northern Pike that have an angry demeanor with little patience for your offerings. 50" Northerns are a reality, not a fancy lie. Be prepared though, you'll pretty much be alone in your battle because there's lots of water, but not a lot of people.

We could go on and on about how superb our unique fishery is, but by now you probably get the point. Just in case, we have one last illustration for our hard-core walleye fishing enthusiasts. Recently there were some biologists who came to study the number of fish found in the Allanwater system. Realizing that the fishery was unusually productive, they surveyed the waters for the purpose of creating bottom profiles to study the structures and learn the walleye fisheries secret. As the study progressed, at one point a structure appeared on the recorders that seemed to be an anomaly. What was seen on the recorders looked like a shoal that was not connected to any other structure. Upon further examination it was determined that it was not structure at all. This "shoal" turned out to be a school of walleye one half mile long and one quarter mile wide. The fish were so closely packed together the recorders could not determine if the structure was in fact biological, not geological!

Allanwater Bridge Lodge great family fishing

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we enjoyed Allanwater. After planning for a year the results certainly met the expectations. The fishing was more than I ever expected, GREAT Walleye fishing.I have never caught so many walleyes over 20". I hope to be back soon! You have a piece of Heaven on earth. — Claude

Hopefully this example begins to explain that the walleye fishery at AWB is very unique and highly productive. Here’s one other important point; when you’re here, you won't be competing with dozens of other fisherman who occupy the same waters week in and week out. Our fishery doesn’t have that type of competition- you could fish all summer and you wouldn't exhaust the limitless hot spots this type of fishery has to offer. After all, we're the only camp in this giant fishery and the possibilities are endless. Exploring our waters is the destination…