Allanwater Bridge Lodge, Canada fishing lodge

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You probably have friends that have gone on fly-in trips. Odds are they didn’t bring their kids or family with. When asked why, the usual response is because it’s cost prohibitive. Why does a remarkable fishing adventure have to be reserved for just the Dad? At AWB, it doesn’t.

We encourage you to bring your family up for a visit. Our proximity to Via Rail offers you enormous cost savings while providing an experience your family will always cherish. Your kids will love their first real train ride, the non-stop fishing action and real wilderness adventure.

Allanwater Bridge Lodge great family fishing

And if your wife gets sick of taking Walleye’s off the hook, we have brown sugar-sand beaches that rival the Caribbean’s and are perfect for relaxing and reading a good book while the kids take a dip. At the end of the day, you’ll come back to your cozy knotty pine cabin and relive the day’s exploits while your steaks and fresh walleye grill on the BBQ. You’ll kick back in the evening to a family card game while the Loons serenade you with an evening lullaby. The next day, maybe the kids will want to explore the site of the old Hudson Bay outpost and surrounding village abandon many years ago. There are still remnants of the old buildings, and if you listen closely, you can still hear the laughter and trade talk as a visitor tries to barter some blueberry bushels for some new blankets. There isn’t a better way to have an affordable family dream vacation while reconnecting with the great outdoors, and we promise we’ll make that dream come true!